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is an innovative platform designed to create, develop and deploy investment projects and empowerment programs throughout Africa.

ReFocus Exchange

The ReFocus Africa is creating Africa's 1st Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency asset on the continent.


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Who We Are
Refocus Exchange

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About the Refocus

We seek to foster a community and generation of true leaders and change agents from across the African continent. Read more…

Why we Care

We partner with coaches across the board to create mentorship opportunities to secure a better future for Africa. Read more…

Making a Difference

A focus on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Finance, Career Development, & Industry. Read more…

ReFocus Africa Investors Network (rain)

We are presently undertaking the biggest and most audacious wealth democratization project on the continent. Read More…

Welcome To ReFocus
We connect people and organizations that have the resources with those who need them in Africa.
Connect And Succeed
We operate by creating multi-stakeholder partnerships with government agencies, public and private sector organizations, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and businesses within Africa with international partners, investors and organizations.

A Focus on Future.

Now is the time to reFocus on Africa.

We need to reAlign our vision, reAdjust our Strategies, reDeploy our Resources and reFocus on building the Africa of our dreams. reFocus Africa is a leadership development and mentorship program with a FOCUS on the African continent.